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GeneS is using innovative pharmacogenomics technologies to drive better results for doctors and patients.

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Right drug, right dose, first time

The GeneS mission is to create a world where patients are prescribed the right drug, at the right dose, the first time, based on their unique genetic make-up. In a world where over 70% of prescribed medications are not effective or cause problematic side effects GeneS technology will transform personalised medicine."

Benefits of GeneS

For patients

With GeneS you are reassured that the medicine prescribed is the right medicine for you based on your unique genetic profile. This will result in dramatically improved effectiveness and a decrease in negative side effects.

For doctors

With GeneS, doctors now have the opportunity to prescribe medication based on the patient's genetic profile. The result is the real opportunity of prescribing the right drug, at the right dose, the first time.

For labs

With GeneS, the genetic test integrates seamlessly into current laboratory workflows with easy to use analytics software and clinician friendly reporting that deliver results in days, not months.

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Participate in external trials for Mental Health

GeneS is now accepting participants in their external trials for Mental Health patients commencing February 2023. If you are a Patient, Doctor or Lab please sign up and we will contact you to discuss your participation.

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How it works


When a patient needs prescribed medication a doctor requests a blood test or saliva sample to be sent to a GeneS approved laboratory. That is it, just one blood test or saliva sample.


The doctor then receives a report with the patient's genetic profile. The report specifies the medication and the doses that are suitable for the patient.


Once the doctor receives the report they can prescribe the medicine with certainty. No more trial and error. The right medication at the right dose every time.


Dr. Svetlana Baltic

Dr. Svetlana Baltic

PhD MSc BSc (Hons)

Over 20 years of experience in molecular mechanisms underpinning gene regulation.

Dr Suzanna Lindsey-Temple

Dr Suzanna Lindsey-Temple


Clinical Genetics specialist with over 20 years of experience in medical research.

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